With the pace quickening in an already competitive utility market Utilicon opens its doors to lend a hand! Comprised of a team specializing in utility structures and with over 15 years of dedication to the concrete industry, Utilicon is focused on delivering quality concrete products with excellent customer service and a sales support team second to none. If customization is required to complete your project let Utilicon work with you to create a design that works within a timeline not seen elsewhere in the industry. Located in Bradford Ontario, Utilicon offers delivery and placement of concrete foundations in a timely and convenient manner at no extra cost to the customer. When you want things done right and need it right now, let Utilicon be your solution.

Construction Projects
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Project planning

Planning is the first step of construction project management philosophy of planning, organizing and controlling the execution of the projects. On this stage, the core idea and main requirements are set, in order to build the object accurately. A contractor provides all technical characteristics – we agree on them.


About Our Company

Standocs Construction - Holding the leadership over 30 years!

We are proud that our construction services are in demand for such a long period! Every year we enhance our skills, striving to become better and work perfectly for our clients! Our ultimate goal is your comfort.


Creating Durable and comfortable buildings is our mission



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Latest Projects

we are proud of our buildings

From $247,780

A Cozy Shelter for a Family Rest in Sunny Miami.

From $224,540

A large residence for a large family, based in Las Vegas

From $351,600

A Relaxing Center located in ecozone of Canada.

From $400,530

A nice house for a family living in marvelous countryside.

From $211,320

A lovely house in the center of Houston.

From $278,930

A large project for Seattle State Municipal Library.


Our Strategy

Innovations and experiments in construction are essential, as they allow creating outstanding architecture objects and buildings.

Providing clients with better services requires implementing the latest technologies, which we integrate to traditional ones.

Our designers are highly educated, experienced and full of ideas to implement in our construction work. Their design ideas are gorgeous and award-winning.


What do customers say about our work?

We’re ready to bring the most complex projects to life!


Standocs has a long and rich history in construction and building sphere. From a small company and leadership in North America. We praise our clients and quality of work. We strictly follow the laws and safety rules. Standocs welcomes people to get acquaintance with our company, history, team and projects we’ve made.

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